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20 December 2017

Exsecta at Xmas

Xmas cracker of a practical conservation task looking after and creating habitats for the Narrow-headed ant Formica exsecta. No specialist skills needed but wrap up warm. Bring packed lunch if staying all day. Bonfire-warmed mince pies likely! With DWT south Devon volunteers group. Meet at reserve entrance 10.30am. Contact:  

26 September 2017

A new project launched earlier this year by RSPB aims to save six of Scotland's rarest insects including the shining guest ant - Formicoxenus nitidulus. Already the project has led to a new site being discovered for the species. You can follow project officer Gabrielle Flinn's updates on Facebook @RareInvertebrates or Twitter @RareInverts6.

5 September 2017

Further work by Jenni Stockan and Robin Callander on the UK's most easternly population of Scottish wood ants Formica aquilonia at Birse (Aberdeenshire) has now uncovered more than 50 nests making it also one of the most densely populated. There are also 100+ nests of the hairy wood ant Formica lugubris.

27 August 2017

Gabrielle Flinn led volunteers on a survey of Anagach community woodland, Grantown. Five nests of F. lugubris and one of F. sanguinea, the slave maker ant, were found. 

22 July 2017

Buglife's 'Back from the Brink' project has secured funding for a 3-year programme of work on the narrow headed ant Formica exsecta in Devon; the last remaining site for this species in England. Project Officer Stephen Carroll will says the programme will involve "targeted site management and monitoring, trialling methods to boost the population, and community engagement". 

17 June 2017

Scottish and hairy wood ants have been found at a new site in Torphantrick Wood, Glen Tanar thanks to Mike Martin and Hayley Wiswell. Hairy wood ants have also been recorded this year for the first time on Dinnet NNR.

31 March 2017

A community wood survey in Boat of Garten led by RPSB ranger Alison Greggans, recorded more than 600 nests!

15 March 2017

The annual meeting of the Wood Ant Steering Group took place on 15th March in Glenmore, Scotland.