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14 November 2018

A new study by Jilkova et al. in Geogerma provides further evidence of the importance of wood ants (Formica polyctena) as ecosystem engineers. Their results showed that wood ant nest mounds support a different composition of ectomycorrhizal fungi compared to the surrounding forest floor. This may be due to the increased levels of nutrients in wood ant mounds regardless of whether they are still inhabited or not.

2 November 2018

Wood ants (Formica aquilonia) believed to be extinct in Northern Ireland. The Steering Group are investigating and will report after our next meeting.

7 October 2018

Stephen Carroll (Buglife) on BBC Countryfile talking about attemps to save the Narrow-headed ant (Formica exsecta) in Devon.

24 September 2018

New population of hairy wood ants (Formica lugubris) discovered at Greendams, Aberdeenshire, making it the furthest east yet in Scotland.

01 August 2018

A new study by Harkonen and Sorvari in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research shows clear-felling not only affects wood ants but also their assciated nest fauna.