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29 June 2021: New field guide to wood ants and related species of the UK. Produced by Cairngorms National Park Authority, this is the first UK field guide to these species, and it's FREE! Download your copy here!

17 May 2021: Neil Philips talks to Jenni Stockan about wood ants on UK Wildlife podcast. They discuss how wood ants live, what effect they have on their habitats and the somewhat bizarre stories of people relocating them, sometimes to some far off places!

28 Apr 2021: Bernhard Seifert's new comprehensive analysis of the Formica rufa group recognises 13 wood ant species and frequent hybridisation.

18 March 2021: Read Shaila Rao's blog on saving the Narrow-headed ant at Mar Lodge.

01 Nov 2020: New research on the evolution of social parasitism in Formica ants and the first global phylogeny.