Ant web: Photographs of many of the world's species of ants together with information, courses and blogs.

BWARS: Dedicated UK recording society for ants, bees and wasps. 

Royal Entomological Society: Bolton & Collingwood's key to UK ants is out of print but can be downloaded from the Royal Entomological Society.

Highland Biological Recording Group: The new Highland ant atlas contains a key to all wood ants and related species found in Scotland.

Hymettus: The premier source of advice on the conservation of bees, wasps and ants within Great Britain and Ireland.

Ant nest: Information on the basics of studying ants.

Myrmecological News: International peer-reviewed journal pubishing articles and news on all aspects of ant research.

Photogabor: Gabor Pozsgai kindly provided many of the images on this website. Copies can be purchased on his website.