About Us

About us

UK Wood Ant Steering Group

The UK Wood Ant Steering Group was established in the early 2000’s to advise on and drive the biodiversity action plans (BAP) for Formica exsecta and then, Formica aquilonia, F. lugubris and F. rufa.The ongoing purpose of the group is to bridge gaps between science and policy/practice in order to secure the future of wood ants in the UK.

Today, we are not just concerned with BAP species, but with all wood-dwelling ants, associated species and their habitats. Our network includes representatives from the following organisations:

  • Buglife
  • The James Hutton Institute
  • RSPB
  • Cairngorms National Park Authority
  • SNH
  • Forest Enterpise Scotland
  • Forest Research
  • Forestry Commission Scotland
  • Hymettus
  • Badenoch & Strathspey Conservation Group
  • University of York
  • Devon Wildlife Trust
  • Caledonian Conservation
  • SWT
  • Natural England
  • Zoological Society of London
  • NTS

For further information on the group, contact Jenni Stockan or Craig Macadam.